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Racing Etiquette

Here are some tips to aid in making sure we have accurate and timely results:

  1. Pin your Race Number to the front of your body. Do not pin it on your back.​​​​

  2. Do not put a pin in the large hole at the bottom of the Race Bib. This is the pull tag hole and is used to place the numbers in order of finish on the stringer.  Once you cross the finish line, you will rip off the bottom part of your race number, the pull tag, and give it to the finish line worker at the end of the finish line chute.

  3. Only cross the Finish Line Once.  After running through the finish line chute, please do not go through the chute a second time when running another runner to the finish. This will cause the timers to count you twice and will cause errors in the race results.

  4. Do not cross the finish line if you do not have a Race Number.  If you are a bandit (don’t register but run the course), please do not go through the finish line chute.  Again this will cause the race results to be off.

By following these simple instructions, it will make the race a pleasurable experience for all participants.

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