ERC Board Members

Glen Wilkinson - Founder

Glen returned back to NH from Michigan in 2009 and decided that he needed a change in his life. After running three years on the Gilford Cross Country team, he decided that his 30+ year hiatus from running was over. He started going to the gym with his then 68yo father. By the following March, he ran in his first 5k, finishing in less than 30 minutes. Two years later he broke the 20 minute line at the age of 47. He started the Exeter Run Club on Facebook and did not do anything with it until he, Christopher Surrette, Jason Proulx and Alison Kolozsvary decided to run on July 4th 2011. That is when the Exeter Run Club was born. His goal is to qualify for Boston, but first he needs to run a marathon without getting injured during the training.

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Kate Keyoskey - ERC President

Kate’s running career began as a way to pass time after work at the gym, completing her first 5K race in West Haven, CT in 2013. Since then, she’s completed half marathons in Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Florida, along with running Ragnar Cape Cod, Adirondack and Reach the Beach. With home being 3.5 hours away in upstate NY, joining the ERC created a home away from home. She’s met some of her closest NH friends through the club and the club continues to motivate her to challenge herself, including completing the Pinelands 25k in 2017. As a runner with an 11+ min/mile pace, Kate’s goal for her Presidency is to encourage anyone thinking of joining the club to stop in and say hi. No pace is too slow and many of our events encourage walking. While we are the Exeter Run Club, we have members that also enjoy hiking, bicycling, paddle boarding and swimming!


Bob Faust - ERC Vice President

Bob began running back in January 2012. He used running as a method to lose weight and improve his health as he approached his 40th birthday. Starting with the couch to 5k program enabled Bob to enter his first 5k race - The Pursuit of the Holy Grail 5K. Bob progressed to running up to a 10k within the next year. 2014 Bob ran his first of many 1/2 marathons and was captain of his first Reach The Beach team. Over the years Bob has had his ups and downs with running. This was mainly due to challenges with finding a running balance in his schedule. The downs usually occurred on an odd numbering year. Bob ran his first 1000 mile + year in 2016 but fell below the 600 mile mark in 2017. He rebounded to over 1400 miles in 2018 and completed his first marathon as a run/walk. Bob began searching for a running club trying to avoid his odd year lapse. Fortunately he found the Exeter Run Club! The club has become a new home for Bob as he has already surpassed the 1300 mile mark (as of September 2019), he is also training for his first ever marathon where he plans to run the entire length! You will find Bob at the Sunday Bandstand, Tuesday Trivia and other ERC Events. 

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Jennifer Dolloff - ERC Secretary

Jen started running in June 2016 at the age of 27 training for her employer’s 5k. She recalls her first training run and how she could not make it a quarter mile without needing a break, it took her a couple weeks to complete an entire mile. While training on the Rail Trail in Newmarket she happened to run into ERC on the Wednesday group run, the rest is history! Five months later she ran her first half marathon and she credits this entirely to the support and motivation the club provided. Jen is training for her first marathon, the Loco Marathon in Newmarket, NH. She is a Social Worker by trade and knows that goals are very important. Her current goal is to run outdoors every day in 2018. Jen enjoys engaging with new runners and hopes to inspire people to enjoy the outdoors.


Steve Machala -ERC Treasurer

Steve is an Illinois transplant that moved to Exeter 5 years ago with his sons Steven, 17, and Adam, 15 and wife Brenda-Sue.  Steve’s wife originally lived in Portsmouth and would come back every Summer with the boys. They decided they wanted them to be exposed to life in New Hampshire and have the experiences she did growing up.  For most of Steve’s life, he had been overweight and 2.5 years ago when he was going to a 2XL he decided it was time for a change. By doing Weight Watchers and working out at the YMCA and with the Exeter Run Club, Steve has maintained his loss of 50 lbs.  Like many of you, he was very intimidated by the thought of coming to a Sunday morning ERC session, so Steve prepared over the winter of 2016/2017 so as not to embarrass himself, by running countless/boring laps at the Exeter YMCA track. In retrospect, Steve would have simply attended the Wednesday trail runs, Sunday morning newbie/regular runs, and enjoyed the opportunity to meet a great group of people.  Steve is beginning now to take advantage of the Saturday bike rides with the promise of coffee and cider donuts afterward and the swims that the group does is becoming ever more tempting.



Alison O'Reilly - ERC Office-At-Large

Alison started running in 2005 after being persuaded by a crazy Canadian that distance running was a great way to manage stress. 14 years later she still finds running to be her number one go to for stress relief. After running races on 3 different continents and having three energetic babies in three different countries Alison and her family settled into running the streets of Kensington NH in 2017. Alison found the Exeter Run Club in 2018 and has enjoyed the company of the crazy, boisterous, and kind ERC runners ever since! She often joins the club for many Sunday morning bandstand runs and Tuesday evening runs and trivia at Seadog. Alison enjoys half marathons and 10k's the most but this Fall is training for the NYC Marathon! 

Lenny Pitts - ERC Officer-At-Large

Lenny started running shortly before he turned 40 for health reasons, and to his total shock discovered he loved it. Within a year of starting running he had done his first half marathon and soon after moved on to tackling a full marathon. After several years of mainly running on the roads he discovered trail running and decided to tackle an ultra. After getting timed out for the final loop of the Stone Cat 50 miler in the fall of 2018 (at the 37 mile mark) he managed to complete his first 50 mile race at Pineland in the spring of 2019 with a huge assist to ERC members Gyula and Bob who he ran most of the race with. Lenny has two older teenagers who he can't convince to run yet, but sometimes make it out for a bike ride on the rockingham rail trial. Lenny is a regular at Tuesday Trivia and ah-hoc before work trail runs. He is also looking forward to some future White Mountain hikes with the ERC crew.

Tim MacDonald - ERC Officer-At-Large

Tim MacDonald lives in Exeter with his wife Patty, who is also a member of ERC. He had two daughters Kelsey and Lauren. Tim has been a member for about 3 years now. He has always been active with family taking them on hikes, adventures,running, and likes road and mountain biking also. Tim has completed 3 half marathons,3 duathlons (placed in 2 of them) 1 triathlon , 1 Reach The Beach and many shorter distance races. He looks forward to weekly runs whether it is meeting up at the band stand for 8:00 Sunday morning runs Wednesday evening trail runs or on of the many other events that are going on. Tim doesn’t remember the date of the first run with the ERC group but will always remember how welcome he felt.